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Crude oil & Oil By-Products
The International Trade Division has extensive relationship with importers and end users of crude oil & oil by products worldwide from USA to Europe, Asia and Far East countries.


. Crude

The board of directors of BAYA have been worked in Buying and selling crude Oil (Light to heavy and condensate) for decades and we always maintain close relationship with all eastern/western oil companies as well as NNPC, SOMO, etc…


. Oil Products

We hereby confirm that due to high demand from our customers, we have the possibility to supply GP54, D2, MAZUT (M 100-75/99, 180, 280 and 380) and BITUMEN (60/70-85/100) in different quantities for different destinations in the world. We are willing to have close cooperation with your company in mentioned field. Please let us know your capability and capacity for receiving/supplying each product.
We can go through the deal by following methods: We can act as buyer and purchase the product from end seller for end buyer. We can act as broker (mandate) for whole product of your refinery if we have mandatory letter from refinery or titleholder.

. Oil Industry Equipment

Our qualified and highly experienced sister companies have technological expertise and know how in exploration equipment, such as drilling rigs onshore and offshore, refinery procurement of new and old refineries, as well as replacement, refurbishment and or upgrading any obsolete parts, and or enhancing the production efficiency and increasing the existing capacity of the refineries by incorporating new state of art technology.

Our firm works in collaboration with multi-national corporations in various sectors of the oil industry, in both downstream and upstream operations. Direct relationship with our partners of pipeline producers, included but not limited to supply of turbines, compression turbines, compression gears for propelling liquid and gas from remote production fields to utilization of storage, as well as knowledge and know how on onshore and offshore rigs manufacturing and servicing and preventive maintenance of refineries, either sale of conventional or smaller skid mounted refineries, put our firm in a very advantageous position and is very beneficial for Any Petroleum company and its direct and indirect subsidiaries. We go extra mile to provide our clients with services that will put your mind at rest knowing that our group will keep and hold your interest in mind at all times.


.  CNG

We would like to inform that due to current market climate, we have genuine buyers for LPG from Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Pakistan Thailand and Ukraine. International Trade the International Trade Division assists governments and companies in taking advantage of worldwide opportunities by providing value- added services. Our experienced and multilingual staff of consultant’s offer quality exports and import assistance to ensure the success of our clients wishes in the global marketplace. Infrastructural Facilities and Equipment.
NASR OIL and its partners have experiences to work with several world class and world known multi-national companies familiar with Persian Gulf countries in engineering, planning, feasibility studies of building any major infrastructural petrochemical projects.
Our team of experts and partners will work with you, delivering consistent and reliable supply of equipment and services. Our experiences and capabilities position us at the forefront of industry, innovation, design and feasibility study in refinery manufacturing technology and infrastructure construction.
In general, we can provide almost any industrial equipment as long as they are within jurisdiction and frame work of non-trade embargo areas.


. Gas

We, along with our sister companies have the ability to buy and sell LPG, LNG, CNG & Natural Gas on behalf of our worldwide customers.


.  LNG

We would like to inform you that due to current market climate, we have genuine buyers for LNG from Mexico, Chile, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, China and India. It would be our pleasure if we could have cooperation with your esteemed company regarding this matter. We can buy different amount of LNG (Russian or Qatari LNG) based on your supplying / request capability or capacity.



Liquefied petroleum Gas or Liquid petroleum Gas (LPG)] – 50%Propan & 50% Butane Mix & Separated.


Financing Procurement

In today’s tight availability of funds and deteriorating financial climates, we are in the position of enticement of foreign investments for financing procurement, liquid and solid exploration. In order to create jobs and maximize return in sovereign underground wealth of the nation, time to time the government must partner with experienced consultants to identify potential sources and programs aimed at attracting the much needed off shore investors and or USANCE FINANCING when and if the financial climate of the host country is in an acceptable and favorable environment. Since extraction of liquid and solid minerals continue to provide the foundation of most economies, our group is well positioned to play a more than significant role in introducing qualified multi-national companies and or countries to invest and implement exploration of crude oil and solid minerals.
We strongly believe by extending and awarding representative/agency status to by any Oil Company or respectful agent, we assure you that we will serve your esteemed organization efficiently, conscientiously and professionally by marketing all of your upstream crude oil as well as all petrochemical by-products being produced by any Oil Company or respectful agent and its subsidiaries.
We provide all the mentioned services with the highest standard of professionalism and excellence. Whereas, whatever your needs, will work hard to satisfy them. We thank you in advance for your consideration and looking forward to hear from you in a near future.